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Solar Fences

The solar fence generates great value for the village and its residents, by increasing security as well as making it possible to make a profit from an area that has not been used.  

Our company is the only one collaborating with the Moshavim Movement in its effort to meet the national green energy utilization targets and to make energy use in the “moshavim” for efficient.

The fence can be adapted to the specific, changing needs of the customer and fitted with different systems such as vehicle charging stations, advanced cameras, peripheral lighting, public address systems and more.

It can be adapted to the particular terrain with regards to the foundation as well as any required supports.

As the base for the fence we use fences by "Yehuda", well known for their high quality and safety.


Teralight Solar Tech Company is a pioneer in the field of solar fences and boasts a demo site, the first of its kind in Israel, in Moshav Noam with an active solar fence (pictured below). 

* The business proposal relating to the fence does not require any financial participation on the part of the moshav and enables the moshav to receive grants and then have the profits shared with it.


Work processes

After you decide to join the solar revolution, our work begins!

After you decide to join the solar revolution, our work begins!