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Commercial Greenhouse

Further to a government decision to change National Outline Plan 10\D\10\2, it will be possible to construct photovoltaic facilities for the generation of electricity on top of existing greenhouses.   


The construction of a photovoltaic system on top of the greenhouse will allow farmers to obtain passive income and financial security in times of crisis or recession.


The photovoltaic system can be constructed after submitting a detailed plan to the Ministry of Agriculture and its size must not exceed 15% of the area of the greenhouse. Such construction must also ensure the continuation of agricultural activity in the greenhouse.

The greenhouse structure is required to have a permit. 




Greenhouse area

The direction of the greenhouse


Revenue projections

Per year

In 25 years

System size

* Estimate only, for additional details please contact us
No shade
South west
  • Business proposal

Business proposal

The Teralight Company along with its partner, the Moshavim Movement, promotes the planning, initiation and construction of photovoltaic systems on top of greenhouses. The company will design and build a system according to the standards established by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Israel Electric Company.  


Greenhouse solar energy systems by Teralight Solar Tech are designed to withstand the required and expected loads (static and wind), thereby enabling the farmer to enjoy secure long-term income.

  • Rental model

Rental model

As part of the rental model, our company will assist the farmer in every planning and regulation aspect, and in addition to setting up the system will bear all of the construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring costs for a period of 25 years.  


Under this proposal, the farmer will benefit from a profit-sharing agreement for renting out the roof of the greenhouse to us, thereby creating a passive income for himself without any financial investment on his part.

Work processes

After you decide to join the solar revolution, our work begins!

After you decide to join the solar revolution, our work begins!