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Private systems

A solar system on the roof of the house allows private homeowners to generate electricity using photovoltaic technology, through the utilization of panels that convert the sun's energy (light) into electricity.

In this way, the owners of the private houses can actually generate "green" electricity and benefit from a profitable passive investment. The home system enables the homeowner to see significant savings in their electricity expenses and even to sell excess electricity and receive income directly to their bank account.

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According to the current regulations of the Electric Company, there are 2 types of agreements that can be made with the customer:

Production: the customer pays the Electric Company for their power consumption and at the same time is entitled to receive 0.48 Shekels for each kilowatt produced by their system.

When using this method, the customer must install a production meter. 


Flowing: the electricity produced by the customer’s system is used for self-consumption and the system's excess production is fed to the Electric Company.

For "flowing" the surplus to the Electric Company, the customer is entitled to be paid 0.48 Shekels for each kilowatt produced by their system.

With this method, there is no need to install a production meter.  


To summarize, the home system has an output of up to 15 kilowatts, and it allows you to enjoy a fixed rate of 0.48 Shekels.

In order to install the system and connect it to the power grid, a building permit is required.




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  • Purchase offer

Purchase offer

When purchasing a system from TERALIGHT SOLAR TECH, our company will provide you with a complete solution: a comprehensive consultation, measurements, planning, installation, supervision, a guarantee and even monitoring services for the installed system.  

Our company has a professional, skilled construction team as well as a foreman and safety inspectors.


Our different departments are manned with leading professionals, including: engineers, electricians, planners, technicians, regulatory experts and service personnel. They will design your project and provide you with the most affordable, most efficient and safest system possible.


  • Rental model

Rental model

Setting up a solar system on the roof of your house also requires, apart from the initial investment cost, ongoing maintenance and operation.   

Through TERALIGHT SOLAR TECH you can enjoy the benefits of a home solar system without any financial investment on your part.


In the rental model, our company will plan, finance, build and maintain a system on the roof of your house and will allow you to enjoy a part of the profits generated by the system without any need for financial investment or maintenance. 

Work processes

After you decide to join the solar revolution, our work begins!

After you decide to join the solar revolution, our work begins!