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About the company

Teralight Solar Tech was founded in 2012. At first the company focused on the initiation, development and construction of private systems and systems for the business and agricultural sectors. Over the years it has gained extensive knowledge and experience in this field.  


With the development of various trends in Israel and around the world and with the company being a pioneer in the field of green energy, it began promoting the construction of a network of car charging stations nationwide with a system for user management and guidance.


The company promotes dual-use projects such as the construction of photovoltaic facilities on top of greenhouses, solar fences for “moshavim” and various energy storage facilities. It constantly focuses on development and research.

Our motto is to provide a complete solution and to support and assist the client through every phase of the project: at first the initial consultation and from there to the planning steps, conformity to regulations, the actual execution, and finally the necessary maintenance and monitoring.


The company employs competent construction teams supervised by managers and safety inspectors who have had extensive training and are highly experienced in this field.

Since 2021 our company has been a part of the Teralight Group which operates in Israel and abroad. It takes part in an exclusive collaboration with the Moshavim Movement, promoting renewable energy activities in more than 300 moshavim in Israel.

The company has excellent proven financial stability, and is owned by the Menorah Energy Group, from Menorah Mivtachim and Leumi Partners.