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Commercial Roofs

What is a commercial solar system?

A commercial solar system provides you with passive income that can be used as additional income or as a source of financial security.

On roofs exceeding  00 square meters, a commercial system can be installed at an appealing price.


A system exceeding  5 kilowatts is considered a commercial system.

The system is based on absorbing solar energy and converting it into green and readily available electrical energy.

The system can be installed on different types of agricultural roofs: chicken coops, barns, greenhouses, industrial buildings, factories, office buildings and more.  


The large size of the building allows us to construct a sort of "power farm" capable of supplying a medium-high amount of electricity.

It is important to note that you do not need to finance the system out of your own pocket, as our company is financially sound and that enables us to offer rental or financing models under favorable and profitable terms.


In a business world full of uncertainty, one thing you know for sure - the sun will rise again tomorrow and generate regular passive income for your business.




Type of roof

Size of the roof

Direction of roof


Revenue projections

Per year

In 25 years

System size

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South west
  • Business proposal

Business proposal

As part of the proposal, we will perform an output assessment based on measuring the roof and examining its suitability for installing the solar system.

After the detailed planning step, an application will be submitted to be included in the "Tariff Regulation" program.  Under this arrangement, the payment received for each kilowatt produced is 0. 5 Shekels.


This agreement is valid for  5 years (based on system size).

In case you decide to purchase the system, our company will support you in every step of the way: planning, construction, regulation, supervision and monitoring. We will also guarantee the quality of the service and the system components.


You do not have to finance the system out of your own pocket.

Under the rental model, our company will set up a system on the roof of your business at our own expense without any cost to you.


Our company will plan, construct, maintain and monitor the system without charging you anything.  Under the agreement you will have with us, you will be able to generate a guaranteed passive income for your business through profit sharing, without any financial investment on your part, without the need for ongoing operation of the system, and without any maintenance expenses.

  • Upgrading existing systems

Upgrading existing systems

An existing system requires maintenance, cleaning, supervision and control.  If you are not interested in continuing to bear the costs of maintenance and operation of your existing system, or if you wish to invest your money in some other avenue, we can offer to purchase your existing system under favorable terms, thereby immediately increasing your cash flow and making it possible for you to continue to enjoy the income without any need for maintenance and without having to upgrade the system at your expense.

Work processes

After you decide to join the solar revolution, our work begins!

After you decide to join the solar revolution, our work begins!