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Energy Efficiency

The constant increase in demand for electricity in Israel poses the threat of a real power shortage.  

In 2008 the government made several decisions regarding the measures that should be taken to improve efficient energy use in the country.

The government presented a series of measures to reduce power consumption, mainly in public institutions, government offices and local authorities.

Energy related expenditures in large organizations are very high and directly affect their profitability. Proper management of an organization’s energy systems can lead to savings of hundreds of thousands of Shekels per year and can help position the organization as an environmentally responsible entity. So far, our company has saved businesses a total of 27,000,000 Shekels through more efficient energy use.


Teralight Solar Tech offers a model of efficient energy use that does not require any financial investment.

The company provides the client with full support in its optimization processes, using technological means that can lead to a reduction of approximately 20% in electricity, gas and water expenses.


So how does it work? 

  • As the first step, our company through its energy experts will conduct an operational survey aimed at  understanding the savings potential at your site.
  • The second step will be understanding your patterns of energy consumption through the use of various technological aids.
  • Step three is making the necessary adjustments in your existing energy systems.
  • And the final action is providing practical tools to the relevant employees in order to optimize your savings and maintain them over time.


By using either a purchase or a rental model, you can save tens of thousands of Shekels on electricity consumption for your business, while being closely assisted by energy experts who will be by your side throughout the entire process.



Energy savings without financial investment

Energy savings without financial investment